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Commissioned Painting

When my art patron was a nine year old child, her mother’s friend had a vision about her walking ahead of Jesus in a field of white daisies. She was picking only the damaged flowers and handing them to Jesus. My art patron wished to have this vision, foretelling her future of healing through physical and massage […]


Commissioned painting

Looking for a unique abstract painting that went with their decor, taste, and specific dimensions on their living room wall, an Austin couple commissioned me to paint this large 36″ high x 60″ wide acrylic painting on gallery-wrap canvas. They enjoyed seeing this painting progress at its different stages – viewing it in my studio, […]


Martha’s painting in North Hills Gallery’s Permanent Collection

My watercolor painting Guadalajara Mariachis was purchased as an award by the North Hills Gallery in Austin, Texas in 2007. See this painting and the exhibit which includes the seven Artists of the Permanent Collection Aug. 1 through Sept. 2, 2013.


Painting Rain

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In this photo I am finishing my acrylic abstract painting Rain, 30″H x 40″W on gallery-wrap canvas, $400. It will be exhibited in Capitol Art Society’s new venue beginning April 30 – July 28, 2013 at Beauty Store Salon & Spa in northwest Austin. See the Exhibits page on my web site for more information about this […]