Painting on location at Zilker Botanical Garden

July 18, 2013 I spent a delightful morning painting on location at the Zilker Botanical Garden near downtown Austin, Texas.

2013 07 18 beginning to paint at Zilker Botanical Gardens #1

Above is the beginning of my acrylic painting of a gnarly rooted cypress tree with a Japanese pond in the background.

2013 07 18 painting at Zilker #3

In this photo above you can see my building of color.

2013 07 18 painting at Zilker #4

I like to glaze pigments on top of each other to create more exciting colors and depth.

2013 07 18 Martha pianting at Zilker #5

2013 07 18 painting at Zilker #2

I work on a very lightweight and portable Sun-Eden easel that has a nice shelf for holding my palette, brushes, water and paper towels. The adapter holding my canvas can be tilted if I want to work more flat or more upright.


RuthMP - Cypress Tree at Zilker Park

Cypress Tree at Zilker Park, Austin, TX, Acrylic, 9″H x 12″W, $100